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New Jersey Commercial insurance coverage

Commercial Insurance in New Jersey

Are you shopping for commercial insurance? If so, you have come to the right place. We are here to assist you at Rock Insurance Agency Inc. with finding the right commercial insurance policy. We are located in Medford, Nj, and serve the entire tri-state area.

Without commercial insurance, you will get stuck paying out-of-pocket for many things such as attorney fees and court costs. It will also be your responsibility to pay for any damages.

Legal Requirements

No law in New Jersey requires businesses to obtain commercial insurance. However, certain instances will require you to purchase commercial insurance legally. For example, if your business has any “business vehicles,” you will need commercial auto insurance. All states usually fall into this same category. Another example would be that some states may require businesses that are considered “high risk” to obtain insurance to obtain a business license. These are things that you must abide by, making it necessary to purchase insurance.

Types of Commercial Insurance Coverage

Maybe you want to stick with just liability for your business. Or perhaps you want a little more protection. Whatever your business situation is, you can choose accordingly.

Some options for insurance coverage include:

  1. General liability coverage
  2. Commercial auto coverage
  3. Business property coverage
  4. Worker’s compensation coverage
  5. Business owner coverage

Worker’s compensation and commercial auto coverage are most likely the only two required insurance coverage policies that are mandatory. Worker’s compensation is mandatory if you have employees working at your business, which is excellent protection if they were to get injured on the job.

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