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Riders You Can Add to Home Insurance

Riders and add-ons might have funny names, but they do serious work for you in your home insurance policy. On average, a home policy covers $2,500 of personal belongings. If you own items valued at more than that amount, you need to raise the coverage limit. Riders and add-ons do that for you and Rock Insurance Services can add them easily to help you better protect your Medford, NJ home.

Home Insurance Add-ons

Jewelry Add-on

Many people own at least one piece of jewelry that exceeds the value of the typical coverage limit. An engagement ring pushes them over the $2,500 mark. A jewelry add-on covers the piece of jewelry in full.

Home Emergency Add-on

Your policy determines whether you need the home emergency add-on. Some policies contain this coverage, some do not. That happens because, among homeowners’ insurance, eight varieties exist. Check your policy and if you don’t find home emergencies like burst pipes or an HVAC breakdown covered, contact us to add this coverage.

Accidental Damage Add-on

Not all home damage comes from named perils. Sometimes, it’s your kids making a mess that looks like a Tri-State tornado or hurricane hit your home that does the damage. Accidental damage covers everyday disasters like red soda or drink mix spilled on a white carpet or blood from skinned knees from a skateboarding wipeout staining the sofa upholstery. Those items cost quite a bit to repair. Adding this coverage to your policy means you won’t have to pay out of pocket.

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