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How Does Auto Insurance Protect Me?

Any automobile owner in the Medford, NJ area should be properly covered with an auto insurance policy. When determining which policies and coverage are best for you, it’s important to consider your driving situation as well as your financial limitations. If you are in the market for auto insurance and are feeling overwhelmed at your options, let the experts at Rock Insurance Agency Inc. guide you through the process. Shopping for insurance can be tedious, but it’s a necessary precaution to be protected on the road. 

Auto insurance in New Jersey requires three types of coverage:

1. Uninsured motorist coverage — If you’re in an accident with someone who doesn’t have insurance, you are still covered. 

2. Personal injury protection — PIP coverage covers the medical expenses regardless of who is at fault in an accident that involves your vehicle. 

3. Liability insurance — This covers other damages if you are responsible for causing them (but not medical costs). 

As you can see, the protection that auto insurance can provide drivers in Medford, NJ is invaluable for your safety and the safety of others on the road. Whether it’s a policy that covers just you, or your family members (like new teen drivers), the protection and peace of mind that auto insurance offers is reason enough to prioritize finding the right policy and coverage that suits your needs and matches your lifestyle. 

For reliable auto insurance and a team of experts you can count on, be sure to contact Rock Insurance Agency Inc. We offer auto insurance policies for drivers in the Tri-State area and would be happy to get you and your family set up with an insurance plan that will make you feel safe on the road.

What Auto Coverage Options Are Available to Me?

If you live in Medford, NJ, and a season for choosing your auto insurance cover has come, there is no need to panic, as Rock Insurance Agency Inc. is here to help you with the process. There are numerous options for car insurance, and understanding how each operates is a perfect starting point. To cool down your pressure, here is a review of the alternatives you have.

What Will Work for Me?

Each insurance coverage you purchase features its fair share of challenges, but they all have a limit. What more, some even come with deductibles. Note that different auto insurance covers will protect your finances to varying levels. Your broker can help you chose what works best for you and your dependents. Some options cover the car alone, while others include the passengers if an accident happens.    

What Is the Liability Insurance Coverage?

Liability insurance cover is one of the primary requirements for every driver. It is mandatory to carry the policy when driving in most states. It covers several scenarios that include damage caused to a secondary car and body injuries. It protects the other driver up to the limit you have set, as long as you are at fault during the accident.  

What To Learn About Car Rental and Travel Insurance

If your insurance company takes your car for repair after an accident, it compensates you to access a rental vehicle as you wait for yours. Consider renting with a company affiliated with your insurance institution to avoid complications. Purchase car rental insurance for such conveniences. 

Do I Need Emergency Road Coverage?

When on the road, emergencies are inevitable. Some can cost you a significant amount of money from your wallet. To avoid such trouble, buy emergency road coverage from your insurer. The policy comes in handy if your car breakdown in the middle of nowhere. You do not have to spend money on mechanical labor after an immanency has occurred along your journey.

If you are in Medford, NJ, contact Rock Insurance Agency Inc. today to enjoy a stress-free drive.

Defensive driving tips that can reduce your risks on the road

There is no question that driving is hazardous. You are not only dealing with road hazards like potholes, but you have to deal with other drivers. Aggressive drivers have been shown to cause about 33% of all vehicle accidents. Being a defensive driver can save you a lot of grief and a lot of expense. At Rock Insurance Agency Inc. in Medford, NJ, we have spent the last 17 years giving each customer the individual attention they deserve. 

Always wear a seatbelt.

You cannot do too many things to protect yourself from other drivers, so you need to assume they are out to get you. By wearing your seatbelt, you decrease your risk of serious injury by 50% and of death by 45%. Those are pretty good odds. 

Be aware of your surroundings.

It is so easy to get distracted when you are driving. Turn your phone off or if you must have it on, be sure you are hands-free. Don’t ever text and drive. Pullover. Keep your eyes and your attention on the surrounding cars, front, back, and side. Be aware of road signs, traffic lights, and any warnings you may see. Give driving your full attention; your life depends on it.  

Brake early

Don’t wait until the last minute to apply your brakes. Especially if the roads are wet or icy, this can result in a rear-end collision, and you will be the at-fault driver. 

If you are in doubt yield

If you are not sure who should go first, give way. It is much better to lose half a minute rather than end up having a collision. Being aggressive is not always the best policy. No one wins if you both go and end up colliding. 

When you are in the market for auto insurance, Rock Insurance Agency Inc. in Medford, NJ is here to help with great choices and affordable prices.  

Are Comprehensive and Collision Coverage Required?

You already know that you need auto insurance to stay legal while out on the road. But, what about other parts of the policy? Are they required? Our Rock Insurance Agency Inc. team has your answers. Here’s what you need to know about comprehensive and collision coverage in Medford, NJ.

Comprehensive and Collision Are Not Legally Required

A lot of our customers want to know if comprehensive and collision are legally required. The answer is no. These are both first-party coverages, meaning they only pay to fix your vehicle if you’re involved in an accident. The State of New Jersey doesn’t really care if you get your vehicle repaired, but they do care if you damage someone else’s car or property. That’s why liability–a third-party coverage–is legally required.

You Might Still Have to Carry Comp and Collision If Your Lender Requires It

However, you might still be required to purchase comprehensive and collision coverage. If you have a loan or lease on your vehicle, there’s a good chance that your lender wants you to carry it. This helps protect their investment in your car and ensures they won’t get stuck with a damaged vehicle if you suddenly stop making payments. In most cases, the papers you signed when you purchased your vehicle will tell you if they require this coverage on your auto insurance policy.

What If Your Vehicle is Paid Off?

If you own your vehicle free and clear, you do not have to carry full coverage insurance on your policy. However, this doesn’t mean that not having it is a good idea. If it would be nearly impossible for you to pay for repairs after a wreck or replace it if it was stolen, then you still need comprehensive and collision to protect yourself from the unknown.

Are you ready to learn more about purchasing comprehensive and collision coverage in Medford, NJ? Please contact our team at Rock Insurance Agency Inc. to schedule an appointment.

What auto coverage do I need to carry in New Jersey

Drivers in New Jersey need to follow the laws that govern the roads in the state. All drivers must carry proof of insurance in their vehicle, whether they are residents or just passing through. In New Jersey, three types of auto insurance are mandatory, Liability insurance, Personal Injury Protection(PIP), and uninsured motorist. The amount of coverage that you are required to carry is flexible, and having a trusted insurance agent like Rock Insurance Agency, Inc. in Medford, NJ can help you to make sure that you comply with the law. 

In New Jersey, you need to carry liability insurance, Personal Injury Insurance (PIP), and uninsured motorist. Where they differ from other states is that they have two options when it comes to following the law. Insurance agents can sell their clients a standard policy or a basic policy. The dollar amounts on the basic policy are lower, and the coverage is smaller. It is designed for young drivers who have little or no assets. The standard policy can be at a pretty basic amount and go higher to provide more coverage for those who have assets to protect. 

None of these types of coverage protects your vehicle. You may need to carry additional coverage if you have a loan or a lease on your car. Collision coverage will help to replace or repair your vehicle in the event you are held responsible for an accident. It can also help you to rent a car to get you around while you are waiting for your vehicle to be repaired and for at least a few days after your vehicle is totaled. Comprehensive covers your vehicle from damage that is beyond your control. 

Knowing what auto coverage you need is more than just what the state mandates. It is what you need to protect you from loss. At Rock Insurance Agency, Inc. in Medford, NJ, we will work with you to determine your insurance needs. Give us a call to get a free no-obligation quote.