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Commercial Insurance Myths Small Business Owners In New Jersey Should Avoid While Researching Policies

For over 15 years, Rock Insurance Agency Inc. has served the Medford, NJ community by helping people find the insurance coverage they need to protect their assets. We try to help our clients find multiple solutions to their problems. As an independent agency, we can offer our clients flexible policies.

Commercial Insurance Myths

A big part of the Medford, NJ economy thrives on the success of small businesses. If you are a small business owner, commercial insurance can help you secure your business’s future. The policy protects you if your property suffers any damages or if your inventory is vandalized. Liability coverage protects you if a patron gets injured while they are visiting your business. Workers’ compensation helps you take care of your employees if they are injured in the workplace while also protecting your business. Avoid some of these common commercial insurance myths while you research different policies.

Giving Advice Is Harmless

In most situations, giving advice is harmless. However, commercial insurance can cover you if someone alleges slander or negligence based on the advice that you give them. So while giving advice is relatively harmless, you still need coverage in case something is misinterpreted.

I Can Rely On My Umbrella Policy

Your umbrella coverage does not fully protect you if a situation arises. Umbrella coverage acts as a safety net on top of traditional coverage. The only way to fully secure your business is through a commercial insurance policy.

I Don’t Have To Cover My Vehicle

Many people believe that any vehicle used for business-related purposes is fully covered through a traditional auto insurance policy. If you are involved in a collision while driving one of your business vehicles, you will not be protected unless you have a commercial auto policy.

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