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The Importance of Home Insurance

Our insurance agents at Rock Insurance Services serving the Tri-State area, including Medford, NJ, are stressing the importance of home insurance.

If you have a mortgage on your home, you are probably required to have a home insurance policy in place until your loan is paid off. Even if you do not owe money on your house, it is imperative that you have a home insurance policy to help protect the large investment you have made in your beautiful home.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

None of us know what the future holds, which is the reason why all types of insurance policies are so important. When it comes to home insurance, we never know if our house will be hit by a tornado or some other natural disaster. We can put up smoke detectors and be diligent about keeping our home safe from a fire, yet it can still happen when we are at least expecting it. We can put the best alarm systems in place to protect our home, but it can still be burglarized or vandalized, which means you will need home insurance to help cover the damages and get you and your family back into your home safely.

My home insurance policy is designed to protect your house if it is damaged or destroyed by one of these types of horrible occurrences. Most policies include the structure of your house as well as your personal belongings. Your personal belongings can include your clothing, makeup, and jewelry, but also the appliances, electronics, and furniture that you’ve worked so hard to purchase. You can even obtain a home insurance policy that will also cover any outbuildings or other structures on your property, such as privacy fences, sheds, garages, and even gazebos.

If you live in a flood or earthquake-prone area, you will want to talk to your insurance agent about adding those types of policies to your main home insurance policy since most do not already include those types of incidents.

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