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Don’t let your home value outpace your insurance coverage!

Residents in Medford, NJ and the surrounding Tri-State area can turn to the Rock Insurance Services team for all of their home insurance needs. Let us help you protect your family home, now, and for many years to come. Call or stop by our office to find out more.

Is it time to increase your home insurance?

If you are like many people, you simply renew your insurance policies without giving them too much thought or attention. As the years go on, this common practice can cause some problems. Your home value will change year over year, and it is important that your home policy keeps pace with that value.

The above is one important reason why it is always a good idea to review your homeowner’s policy on a regular basis. Taking a close look once a year to ensure that you don’t have any gaps in coverage can help you to avoid a situation where you don’t have the protection you need. 

Additionally, if you make changes to your home, such as updating your kitchen and bathrooms, you will need to check to make sure that those improvements don’t push the value of your home over the current policy level you have. All of these considerations can be dealt with easily when you work with a local agent. Having an insurance partner who can help you stay aware of any changes that arise is a great resource to have. Find out more today about how home insurance needs can change.

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